3 Reasons Electricians Should Use Electric Benders


Installing an electrical system can be challenging. In addition to planning out how each of the circuits will run, electricians need to construct conduits that can house electrical wires safely. Most conduits are made from rigid metals like copper or aluminum.

Manipulating these metals to create angled conduits is essential to the quality of any electrical installation.

You can easily reduce the amount of labor required to complete any installation project by adding an electric conduit bender to your toolbox.

1. Eliminate Estimations

Electricians that don't have access to an electric bender must often make estimations when it comes to the length and angle of a piece of conduit. These estimations may result in an angled conduit that fits seamlessly into an electrical system, or they may create slight imperfections when the electrical system is assembled.

An electric bender completely eliminates the need for estimations. Even novice electricians will be able to create quality angled conduits without having to estimate parameters when using an electric bender.

2. Ensure Accurate Bends

Each of the bends that are made in a piece of straight conduit must be extremely accurate to avoid installation delays. Bending conduit by hand can make it almost impossible to reach exact parameters in terms of bend angle.

An electric bender is capable of taking all the manual work out of the conduit bending process. You simply program in your desired angle, and the electric bender will get to work bending your conduit to meet the specified angle.

An accurate bend can be achieved on the first try every time you choose to utilize an electric bender.

3. Minimize Installation Costs

Customers want a new electrical system to be as affordable as possible. Incorporating an electric bender into your installation work can help you significantly reduce the cost of materials used for each project.

Electric benders produce accurate angles and exact lengths with ease.

Relying on an electric bender will reduce the number of errors made when manufacturing angled conduits for your installation project. Fewer errors mean less wasted material, which helps to keep costs low for the clients that you work with on a daily basis.

An electric bender can help improve the overall quality of each electrical system that you install. Invest in a durable and reliable electric bender to help you make an angled conduit that can be used to design reliable electrical systems for your customers in the future.


5 July 2022

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