Hydraulic Repair 101: Common Issues You Should Know About


Although most people who depend on hydraulic cylinders are familiar with the basics of common wear and tear, that doesn't mean that everyone affected understands the root causes or the steps that they can take to minimize those repair costs. If you've been struggling with repeated hydraulic repair calls, it's important to understand these basics. Here's a look at some of the most common challenges that you should watch for and discuss with your hydraulic repair technician.

Frequent Bent Rods

If your hydraulic cylinder is bending the rods in the cylinder, you'll likely be experiencing repeated strain on the seals and even hydraulic fluid leaks. This can directly affect the operation of your equipment and will ultimately lead to more extensive repair costs if you don't address it. An errant bent rod here and there is one thing, but repeated bent rods on the same machine or the same cylinder can indicate the presence of a problem.

Ask your hydraulic repair technician if the rods being used are strong enough and have the proper diameter for the application. Also, find out if the rods are properly mounted. Your repair technician can ensure that mounting is done correctly and the rod is flush as it should be. They can also advise if the rods you're using are insufficient for your application.

Contamination And Damaged Seals

In many cases, hydraulic fluid contamination and damaged cylinder seals co-exist. You might find that your hydraulic fluid is contaminated with fine particles while the seal is becoming worn and leaking as your machine operates. In many cases, this is a direct result of the finish on the cylinder rod. If the finish is too rough, it will cause wear on the seal and it will also flake off into the fluid, leading to contamination.

If the finish is too smooth, lubrication is a challenge because there's no texture for the fluid to stick to. This leads to friction issues between the rod and the seal, which ultimately also leads to seal failure. If you're struggling with fluid contamination and seal failures without any viable explanation, ask your hydraulic repair technician about the finish on the rods that you're using.

Insufficient Pressure Maintenance

Especially if you're working in a high-demand environment, you need hydraulic cylinders that can withstand the ongoing demand and operation. In many cases, you need cylinders that can maintain a higher level of hydraulic fluid pressure with precision. 

Unfortunately, if you've chosen cylinders that aren't rated for that level or have tried to manage maintenance and repairs on your own, you might find that your cylinders just can't keep up. If you're noticing lag and hesitation in the system, a hydraulic repair technician can help.

Talk with a local repair company like Certified Products Inc for more guidance. 


24 March 2022

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