Choosing Heavy Construction Equipment Rental? 4 Factors to Keep in Mind


Renting construction equipment offers many incredible benefits to construction project managers. First, the service helps you access advanced equipment you might not be able to afford right away, especially if you are a new contractor. Besides, you also won't need to budget for equipment storage space. 

Renting can also save you from maintenance costs because the rental company will take care of that. However, you need to be sure you make the right moves when renting to get quality equipment and excellent services. The following are four factors to keep in mind when considering heavy construction equipment rental. 

1. The Right Equipment

The company you work with may have several types of equipment that can be used to perform a particular task. For instance, you can use either a pallet jack or forklift to lift loads, but a forklift has a high load capacity and maximum height. Therefore, you need to consider your project requirements to choose the most suitable equipment for the job. The professionals can also help you analyze your project and choose the most effective equipment. 

2. Capability

Another factor to consider when looking for heavy construction equipment to rent is capability. This is because equipment comes in different designs, sizes, and weights. For example, if you want equipment to move or load dirt, soil, or gravel, you need the right-sized wheel loader for efficiency. If you want to rent a forklift, choose one that can reach the heights of your project. Additionally, if you are looking to rent an excavator, ensure you pick a machine whose maximum weight can handle your load.  

Renting a machine that cannot meet your project's needs is stressful and a waste of money. Therefore, you should ask the rental company to explain their equipment specifications in-depth to help you make the most informed decision. 

3. Ground Condition

The condition of your project site can also determine the right equipment to rent. If your ground is uneven or slippery, it is safe to use tracked equipment to provide greater contact with the ground. But if your ground is flat and easy to maneuver, you can get away with wheeled equipment. Heavy construction equipment manufacturers always make both versions, which means you won't miss the option that best suits the condition of your site.

4. Attachments

During heavy construction equipment rental, you should confirm if your particular equipment requires additional attachments. Some equipment comes with the necessary attachments, but you may have to rent some attachments separately in some cases. Knowing this information earlier can help avoid inconveniences.

The factors discussed above can help you choose the right heavy construction equipment rental for your project. It is essential to work with a reliable and experienced company with outlets near your project site.    


10 June 2021

Protecting Your Employees

My family owns a thriving timber business. For over thirty years, they have been meeting their customers’ needs in my home state. One of the reasons for their success is their commitment to purchasing state-of-the-art heavy construction equipment to use in their business. After buying the most technologically advanced machinery available on the market, they also strive to maintain it for the safety of their employees. If you own a business, you need to regularly schedule a professional to check the safety of your heavy construction equipment. On this blog, you will discover how to protect your employees by hiring someone to regularly check the safety of your machinery.