Three Benefits Of Insulated Concrete Forms


Insulated concrete forms are used to construct everything from high school auditoriums to low-rent, high-rise apartment buildings. They are a very effective means of constructing concrete walls, and they may even prove to be less expensive than cinder blocks or other concrete wall construction approaches. Along with those benefits, these forms can provide all of the following benefits. 

Protection Against Vermin

There is only one concrete form that vermin can even attempt to tunnel through, and that is the plastic variety. However, vermin are quickly stopped in their tracks after they hit the concrete wall. After they chew through or attempt to crawl up into these walls, they are prevented from getting any further inside the building because of the concrete that is poured in the middle of these stackable forms. You will have fewer rats, mice, spiders, roaches, and other pests in the building when you build with these forms. 


Certain subtypes of these forms can soundproof a building. This is probably the biggest reason why they are used for the construction of gymnasiums for schools and public use gyms. The forms reduce the overall bounce of echoes and sounds, and they stop sounds from getting through the walls. They can also help redirect sound and improve sound quality in places where better sound is preferred (e.g., auditoriums and live performance halls).

Fire Protection

If you have ever wondered why most schools and public buildings tend to not experience fires of a greater scale, it is because they are probably built using insulated forms. A high fire-resistance rating causes these forms to refuse to burn. Anything that is flammable and installed on or around the walls made from these forms will probably burn in a fire, but the concrete form walls will not. It means that even in the event of the worst possible fire in a building, the walls will still be standing when the last flicker of flame has been extinguished, allowing for quick and easy rebuilding of the property. 

Check Out All of the Forms You Can Use

If you are looking for a way to keep your construction costs or construction work bids low, check out all of the available insulated concrete forms you can use. There are multiple types available, each with their own unique benefits. Then get a quote for what it would cost to use the forms for your next construction project. 

To learn more, contact a supplier that carries insulated concrete forms.


9 January 2020

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