Cracking Concrete With Ugly Finishes: 3 Tips To Makeover Concrete Surfaces With Repairs


Old concrete with a plain finish is going to look horrible when it is cracked. The concrete surfaces today; have different finishes that are attractive and can even be used inside and outside. If you want to have elegant flooring that is durable and has an attractive custom look, acid staining is a great choice for indoors. For outdoor surfaces that are durable and make cracks and wear less visible, you will want to consider choices such as, overlay and stamped concrete finishes. Here are some tips to help make over the unsightly concrete surfaces with repairs and new finishes:

1. Customizing Any Concrete Surface with Acid Stain Finishes

Concrete is often a dull grey surface, but there is an easy way to makeover dull concrete finishes; acid staining is the perfect solution. If you want to have an affordable custom finish for large concrete surfaces, acid stain finishes give you plenty of options for custom floors. The staining can be done in patterns that mimic custom tile work or include artistic designs in them. You can also use acid staining to make the concrete surface appear more like a solid block of natural stone. With the natural stone look to your concrete finish, cracks will add character to the surface of the concrete and be less noticeable.

2. Natural Stone Look with Overlay Finishes and Custom Design

Sometimes, the problems with concrete may be more than just cracking. Concrete will also crumble, chip and crack away on the surface; especially if the mix was bad. To repair the surface of concrete with more extensive damage, concrete overlay techniques are the best solution. One of the great benefits of overlay concrete surfaces is that they are custom installations that can look just like natural stone, which is great for landscaping and outdoor concrete surfaces, such as for a patio.

3. Stamped Finishes That Add a Durable Finish to Large Pavement Installations

Overlay may not be the most durable and affordable solution for larger pavement installations, such as in a driveway or extensive landscape paving. For a more durable concrete surface, consider solutions like stamped concrete, which will give you a natural paver or stone look and a more durable surface. Over the stamped concrete finish, a color seal coating is applied to reduce wear and help protect the concrete from damage.

These are some tips to help makeover concrete surfaces with repairs and attractive custom finishes. If you have concrete that is damaged and beginning to show signs of its age, contact a concrete repair service like Advanced Post-Tension, LLC and talk with them about some of these solutions. 


24 October 2017

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