3 Important Tips To Remember When Planning A Residential Demolition Project On Your Property


There is a structure on your property that must be removed because it no longer serves any kind of functional purpose, so your most logical plan of action is demolition. While demolition of a structure on a private residential property is a usual thing, as the person responsible for  this project, you will find that there is a great deal of work that goes into a project of this stature. From heavy equipment to loads of debris, it is easy to forget some of the most basic things. Take a look at these three important tips to remember that can help you with your residential demolition project. 

Reserve the crane rental as early as you possibly can. 

A crane is a huge part of a demolition project because this piece of equipment is most often used to take down the structure. Bare crane rentals can be highly sought after and some rental companies will only have a few pieces available to rent. Because of this, it is wise to reserve the crane you need as early as you possibly can to ensure you can actually have the crane on your property on the planned demolition date. 

Take the time to let your neighbors know of your upcoming project. 

It may be your private property where the demolition is taking place, but a project of this size can affect every neighbor that is close by. Therefore, it is always a kind gesture to let your surrounding neighbors know about the upcoming project so they will know what to expect. Remember, just the process of bringing in heavy equipment like a crane can mean access points can be temporarily blocked while the equipment is maneuvered, and this is the type of thing that people around you will want to know about before it actually happens. 

Check with your local government about construction and demolition permits that could be involved. 

It is not at all uncommon for local gvernments to require residents to obtain a permit when serious construction or demolition is taking place on a property. This is because the work can change the usual flow of activity in your area. If you are caught doing work without these permits, the fines can be really steep. Therefore, it is always best to research and ask about what permits you will need to buy before you actually schedule the project date just so you don't run into problems later on. 


22 July 2017

Protecting Your Employees

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